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  • Posted 1 hour ago
    10 photos

    What a river season for getting a tan. 👍🏻. Can’t wait for some real weather. Way too many fair weather fishermen around. Some pictures from the last couple days. CTDDDDs. 😃. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 1 day ago

    Been trying hard to get the smallest king in the river and we finally got him today. 👍🏻. Time to celebrate 😃. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 4 days ago

    Wednesday morning just opened up if anyone is interested. October 18th morning. Let me know. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 6 days ago
    9 photos

    Moving around trying to stay away from the huge crowds this weekend. Watching the snaggers made me want to puke. Took a break and even caught 70-80 perch. 👍🏻. What will tomorrow bring ? You never know. 😳. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 7 days ago
    2 photos

    Water shut off, not a salmon safe today. Just shoot me. LOCKEDSTRONG

    • Danny Deitz Man, I miss fishing the salmon run up there and the Salmon River, but MAN, I don't miss that.
    • Casey Prisco Get Andy Bliss and just do drag races around the flats up the channel and to the dam!
    • Matthew Blithe Looks like a Zoo
    • Josh Allein Trevor Niles Herbert Kurtz must be a party going on OMG
    • Steven Day Must protect the Neanderthal Anglers from them selves
    • Tom Allen Few anglers around today yikes
    • Bob Stevens Looks a tad crowded!
    • Danny Ross Think I see Russ Maddin there
    • Theo Lander Snow and steelhead will be here soon enough and the ropers will be gone!
    • George Hillman Snaggers paradise
    • Zack Rayno Holy wow.
    • Jarrod Haney Joey June Sean Morgan Elis-son Bito Cruz Pito Scb Morales look at this shit show. Thank god we aren't there on the weekend. Tribs all week
    • Wi Fly Id stay home and drink or go hunting... No way!
    • Andrew Logan Shit sho
    • JaynAbby Baer Cotter GOOGANS. GOOGANS everywhere!
    • Fred Zaiko It's the dam's way to get rid of fisherman. They have been doing it for this for years. They turn the water up for a day high pulling the salmon in and then drop it the next day stranding them at the dam to the tender mercies of the snaggers and the lack of DEC enforcement. Then the fish are gone sooner and the dam has less liability! The town losing the money from tourist and everybody but the Dam people suffer. Nobody gets the kind of fishing that lasted to Thanksgiving anymore...
    • Christopher Adessa #snagcity
    • Jared Simpson That’s right Brookfield drop the water so all the snaggers can snag all the trout out of the river and throw them on a stringer 🙄🙄🙄
    • David Tuma Jr fuck that... that aint fishing
    • Scott Beam What a bunch of fn aholes that's why I didn't fish there this salmon season bring on the cold for trout
    • Kenny Scott Poor fish.
    • Martin Zak Michael Mastrian lol
    • Billy Grotton I don't trib fish unless its Atlantic's steelies browns or domestic bows. I would rather catch kings and silvers on the main lake.
    • Toby Ethier Holy shi* buddy! The circus came to town
    • Jared Scott Wow !
  • Posted 7 days ago
    11 photos

    They boosted the river for two days now back to reality. 😪. Base flow for the weekend as usual. LOCKEDSTRONG

    • Neil Shattuck That river is a boat load of fun when you're being guided by Kevin Davis. I want to come back and do it again sometime. Never had so much fun fishing.
    • John DiDonato Man you been hitting some sweet bows
    • Chris Currie Great
    • Ron Deaso Jodi Bower check out my buddy Mike and his Dad
    • Fran Maple Mark Murphy
  • Posted 9 days ago
    7 photos

    Some more pictures from the last couple days. Great times with awesome clients. Just had Oct 26th morning open up and November 24th open up. LOCKEDSTRONG

    • Skip Wells 👍🥃🎣🎣🎣
    • Joe Kordish Great pictures as always. LOCKEDSTRONG
    • Dave Katinas Great time Kevin! Really impressed Scott!
    • Jeffrey Quick Kevin always a great time is the 26th still available. If so Summer Lynneand I will take it
    • Tony Buffa Sir Kevin the salmon whisperer at his craft
    • Robert Flymaker Copeland Nice fish but you are in the wear lifejacket zone and not wearing them . Lord forbid you fell in .
  • Posted 11 days ago
    9 photos

    The bite has definitely picked up the last couple days. My rain dance is starting to work. 👍🏻. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 12 days ago

    Possible rain. 👍🏻. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 16 days ago
    12 photos

    Some pictures from the last couple days. Tough fishing for this time of year. We have to get rid of this stupid hot weather. Bring on the rain, wind and cold. 👍🏻. LOCKEDSTRONG

    • Fran Maple Shark patrol....waiting for chrome baby!
    • Brandon Donath So is there gunna be more runs or it’s what it is ?
    • Skip Wells 🙏 for ugly weather!!!🎣🎣🎣🥃
    • Neil Shattuck They look like they're getting pretty dark. How much longer will they be around Kevin? I know they'll die eventually but approx. How much longer do they have at this stage.
    • John Thomas Brazill Kevin Terry
    • Matt Parkhurst Fishing is incredible by the damn right now. The kings are inhaling anything you throw in the water. (Watched a guy use a cigarette butt and still mouth hooked the fish). They're aggressive this year
    • George E. Magaro Sr. Kevin. Where ever there s fish .you'll find um.ur the man
  • Posted 19 days ago

    Bang 👍🏻. #catchthedrift #kingsalmon #locked #oswegony #oswegoriver #ownerhooks #coolwatersfloats #pennreels #pautzke #pautzke_bait #nodeskjob #fisheveryday #oswegocountyfishing #lockedstrong #riverseason2017

  • Posted 20 days ago
    9 photos

    Grinding them out with the low water. Snaggers Suck !!!!! LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 22 days ago

    They do bite if you fish for them. 👍🏻. #snaggerssuck #pautzke #catchthedrift #locked #fishing #oswegocountyfishing #oswegoriver #pautzke_bait #ownerhooks #nodeskjob #fisheveryday #releasedtofightanotherday #coolwatersfloats #pennfishing

    • John Thomas Brazill Kevin Terry
    • Jason Popovich I was mid river today float fishin the rapids w beads, no steel yet but pretty sure i had a very big smallmouth on before breaking off
    • Skip Wells 👍🥃🎣
    • Scott Cole Absolutely...skein bite!
    • Tom Quinzi skein on the dipsy 😉
    • John Cowilich If you got a drift boat and a spot. The rest of us poor bsstards gotta fight the crowd and them seeing a hundred lines going by there nose. Just saying !
    • Kurt G. Miller Snaggers ase a pain in the ass. They make it miserable for the good fisherman who know how to fish for them...and catch them.
    • Gerald Schiavo Thanks KD. It was a grind yesterday but we managed to bring some to the net. I hope the river was kind today. Good luck the remainder of the season and I hope to fish with you for steel this Spring.
  • Posted 24 days ago

    Client diver hand line. Always an adventure. Lol. #catchthedrift #kingsalmon #oswegocountyfishing #ownerhooks #locked #driftboat #trolling #alwaysanadventure #nodeskjob #fishing #lockedstrong #riverseason2017 #pennfishing #oswegony #lakeontario

  • Posted 25 days ago

    Just had Oct 2nd and 3rd mornings cancel if anyone is interested. Message me or call. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 26 days ago

    Missed the video of the guys knocking them off with the net. They did a good job getting this coho. Great day good times. 👍🏻. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 26 days ago
    5 photos

    September 24th and I'm fishing 80 to 100' of water with the Driftboat for Salmon. It's crazy but you have to go where the fish are. I can't wait for some colder weather to show up. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 29 days ago
    5 photos

    The River turned into a hot tube for salmon with snaggers everywhere. We ventured to the lake for some peaceful salmon catching. LOCKEDSTRONG

    • James Vogel What are they hitting?
    • Danny Deitz Sucks when 95% of the people on the river fish like jackasses and snag.
    • Brandon Donath Not that many fish is in there yet can't tell if the run is over or has even started yet
    • Shawn Meiser John Marra you and Perry should go.
    • Ritch Batchelor Good thinking Kevin Davis
    • Michael Walters Yuup smart guy you are kev hopefully changes soon to come
    • Jim Parry How deep they running?
    • Jeremy Gould Saw you out there. I was impressed with your technique. I wouldn't have thought to do it.
  • Posted 1 month ago

    All new client pin reels this year. Ready for trout season. Kingpin 👍🏻Thanks Stuart 😃.

  • Posted 1 month ago
    4 photos

    Joe and Dave came well prepared with lots of sun screen. Lol. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 1 month ago
    7 photos

    This weather sucks !!!!! Bright sun and 80 degrees is good for the beach but not for river fishing. We are still grinding some nice fish out with plenty of other chances. LOCKEDSTRONG River season 2017.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    River season 2017 is on the way. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Salmon River Fish Hatchery with the girls. 😳. #holysalmon #loaded #catchthedrift #salmonriverny #familytimes #riverseason2017 #oswegocountyfishing #oswegocounty #fishing

  • Posted 1 month ago
    3 photos

    Been having some fun the last couple days with the staging salmon off the river. Lots and lots of targets 🎯. Three more lake trips till the river season begins. 😃. I have a couple afternoon trips open that's it. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 1 month ago
    7 photos

    Salmon fishing remains excellent but the weather has been a bit rough on the lake for us lately. Still some beautiful silver fish showing up, along with some cohos. My treatments have been tough lately, sorry for the lack of reports. River season is only 10 days away. LOCKEDSTRONG.

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  • Stubby rainbow. #oswegoriver #rainbowtrout #catchthedrift #pautzke #pautzke_bait #ownerhooks… 6 days ago
  • Good times. 😳. #fishloving #oswegoriver #kingsalmon #pautzke #catchthedrift #lickthefish… 7 days ago
  • River Monster today. #kingsalmon #oswegoriver #catchthedrift #pautzke #pautzke_bait #ownerhooks… 11 days ago
  • Custom Bay Rats 👍🏻. #locked #catchthedrift #bayratlures #bayrat #kingsalmon #oswegoriver… 14 days ago
  • Bang 👍🏻. #catchthedrift #kingsalmon #locked #oswegony #oswegoriver #ownerhooks… 19 days ago
  • Family time. 😃. #oswegony #familytime #catchthedrift #locked #oswegocountyfishing #fishing… 19 days ago
  • They do bite if you fish for them. 👍🏻. #snaggerssuck #pautzke #catchthedrift #locked #fishing… 22 days ago
  • Bye bye lake, to the river I go. #toowindy #catchthedrift #driftboat #lockedstrong #oswegoriver… 23 days ago
  • Client diver hand line. Always an adventure. Lol. #catchthedrift #kingsalmon… 24 days ago
  • LOCKED !!!!! #lakeontario #kingsalmon #catchthedrift #fishing #oswegocountyfishing #oswegony… 26 days ago
  • A mile out in the Drift Boat catching kings 👍🏻. #gotothefish #kingsalmon #catchthedrift #locked… 28 days ago
  • They are big and ugly but fun to catch. #kingsalmon #oswegoriver #releasedtofightanotherday… 1 month ago
  • Love the rainbows. #rainbowtrout #oswegoriver #catchthedrift #ownerhooks #locked #oswegocounty… 1 month ago
  • Salmon River Fish Hatchery with the girls. 😳. #holysalmon #loaded #catchthedrift… 1 month ago
  • Awesome cohos around. 👍🏻. #catchthedrift #oswegony #locked #greatlakesfishing… 1 month ago
  • ''Tis the season. Pautzke fire cure going to work 👍🏻. #riverseason2017 #catchthedrift #pautzke… 1 month ago
  • LOCKED 👍🏻. #kingsalmon #oswegony #catchthedrift #oswegocountyfishing #fishing #ownerhooks… 1 month ago
  • Hello ugly salmon 😳. #oswegony #catchthedrift #oswegocounty #lockedstrong #lakeontario #locked… 1 month ago
  • Ready for the river. #oswegony #catchthedrift #oswegocountyfishing #pautzke #pautzke_bait… 1 month ago
  • Awesome cohos around. #oswegony #oswegocounty #catchthedrift #locked #coho #pautzke… 2 months ago